The past couple weeks have been a wild ride! Last weekend I started Friday with a day of juice and continued all day Saturday. Sunday I started the Arise and Shine intestinal Cleanse, a version of the Cleanse 14 I did last year around this time. My experience I am sharing here is just for the sake of my own expression. I am not recommending any do the cleanse this way unless you are a very experienced cleanser or you are working with a qualified professional!

The first day of the cleanse, I did green juice and water. Then I made sure my pH was at a point to safely transition into a water fast and went for it. So for the next 6 days I committed to water, psyllium seed and bentonite clay shakes, and the herb formulas Chomper and Herbal Nutrition. WOW! What an adventure!

The first three days like most cleanses in my experience were by far the toughest as energy challenges and detox sets in. Then once that passed, I was in the clear. I started off every day with an enema and then on to the rest of the day of shakes and herbs. I love doing a good cleanse where my only focus is to be clear and clean. Even though I was only drinking water for those six to seven days, no solid foods or other flavors,it was really simple. Now simple is relative here. For me it was easy because I knew my objective, and my commitment. If you play it like a game and make the rules easy, you are sure to win!

I feel so clear now after my cleanse I am actually craving how I felt when I wasn't eating! How funny is that! My biggest benefit is having amazingly efficient digestion, assimilation, and elimination. I have been feeling so clear and clean after eating and going to the bathroom! If you are offended by potty talk, get over it, everyone does it naturally! When it doesn't happen that is when problems start to occur.

Benefit #1
So back to the poop talk... The first day I started to eat again I could feel my food moving through my Intestines. It was really cool! I can usually feel my food moving through, and this time it was like I was watching my food being digested and moved for elimination while it was moving around my colon! Such a cool sensation.

Benefit #2

I love being in shape and moving my body. This past winter I noticed I seemed to have a little extra baby fat around my midsection I wanted to see if the cleanse would metabolize that, it did quite well!

I detoxed substances from my past, and I fell so clear mentally. I feel so refreshed! As you may know the gut is directly related to the head/brain. Eat a heavy meal and then try to think a lot or sit down and do some memory exercises. Probably not going to work out too well. These are just some of the benefits I noticed right away, there are many more I won't get into here.

These are just some of the benefits of doing a cleanse, many cleanses. There are so many to choose from in the marketplace, it seems overwhelming at times. Green juice feasts are great ways to cleanse the body rest the digestive system, and help regenerate while still getting a fair bit of nutrition. If you are a beginner, make sure you have some kind of support group and guidance along the way to ensure you have a safe experience. And as always, if you have any comments or questions leave them below!

What cleanses have you done that work for you and why do you like them?

I did this cleanse last year around this time for the 14 days. The first 7 days I ate food and the second week I did water as well, I will blog about that in another article, so stay tuned for that! I even have pictures of the plaque that came out on the last night of my cleanse! That will also be in the post, so get ready!

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I was inspired, and still am, to do a day of green juice today. I love having one day a week where I give my body a recess from solid foods, and consume only juice, smoothies or water. This is something that I did for years, and for some reason got out of the habit of doing it. I am sure you all can relate! So I went to the health food store this morning and here was the result!
One gallon of high quality green juice! Yup green juice. People ask me a lot, how many vegetables does it take to make that much juice? Well for this gallon I used
  • 3 heads of celery
  • 3 lbs granny smith apples
  • 1.5 bunches lacinato kale
  • 4 lemons
  • LARGE chunk of ginger (I love ginger!!)
  • 4 zucchini (about 1.5 lbs)
  • half a habanero pepper (HOT HOT HOT!)
  • 1 bunch cilantro
All this was just about a gallon of juice and cost about $25. Now the cost will fluctuate depending on the price of produce where you live, and what you like to put in your juice. If you are planning on doing an extended juice feast where you drink juice every day for 7, 10, 30, 60, or 90 days, now you know about what it would take to do something like that.

Today I chose to do a day of juice because it just seemed like a good idea. It's about 4 pm now, and I feel clear, alert, calm and on purpose. This is a great way to allow your body to rest, rejuvenate and clear out some of the old to bring in the new!